Bay Area Metro Center  
375 Beale Street  
San Francisco, CA 94105  
Meeting Agenda  
Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee  
Federal Glover, Chair Margaret Abe-Koga, Vice Chair  
Wednesday, July 10, 2024  
9:35 AM  
Board Room - 1st Floor  
Meeting attendees may opt to attend in person for public comment and observation at 375  
Beale Street, Board Room (1st Floor). In-person attendees must adhere to posted public  
health protocols while in the building. The meeting webcast will be available at  
encouraged to participate remotely via Zoom at the following link or phone number.  
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Due to the current circumstances, there may be limited opportunity to address comments  
during the meeting. All comments received will be submitted into the record.  
Clerk: Carsie Bonner  
Federal Glover (Chair), Margaret Abe-Koga (Vice Chair),  
Cindy Chavez, Victoria Fleming, Nate Miley, Gina Papan,  
Hillary Ronen, Sheng Thao  
Non-Voting Members: Dina El-Tawansy, Libby Schaaf  
1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Confirm Quorum  
A quorum of the Commission/Committee/Authority shall be a majority of its voting  
members (5).  
2. Pledge of Allegiance  
3. Compensation Announcement (Committee Clerk)  
4. Consent Calendar  
Approval of BATA Oversight Committee Minutes of June 12, 2024 Meeting  
Committee Approval  
Fiscal Year (FY) 2023-24 Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) Statement of  
Revenues and Expenses for the Period Ended May 31, 2024 (Unaudited).  
Derek Hansel  
Yerba Buena Island Southgate Road Realignment and Bimla Rhinehart  
Vista Point Projects  
i. Funding Amendment - San Francisco County Transportation Authority  
ii. Contract Amendment - AECOM Technical Services ($200,000).  
iii. BATA Resolution No. 178 Design Immunity for Bimla Rhinehart Vista  
Point Parking Lot Project.  
Committee Approval  
Authority Approval  
Peter Lee  
5. Authority Approval  
BATA Resolution No. 52, Revised: FasTrak® Policy Changes: Referral to  
A request that BATA Resolution No. 52, Revised be referred to the full  
Authority for approval of policy updates related to: (1) inclusion of all  
Express Lanes (Bay Area Infrastructure and Financing Authority (BAIFA),  
Alameda County Transportation Commission, Santa Clara Valley  
Transportation Authority, and San Mateo County Express Lanes Joint  
Powers Authority) in the payment plan for low-income customers; (2) the  
replenishment amount and threshold amount for cash paying customers;  
(3) reduction in violation penalty amounts for Golden Gate Bridge, Highway  
and Transportation District; (4) updates to one-time waiver of toll evasion  
penalties for all toll operators; and (5) reduction in the California  
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fee for placing unpaid violations on  
registration hold.  
Authority Approval  
Lysa Hale  
6. Information  
Toll Bridge Allision Mitigation and Fender Update.  
Update on toll bridge allision prevention and mitigation measures and  
fender systems.  
Peter Lee, BATA and Muthanna Omran, Caltrans  
Information - Toll Bridge Stewardship.  
Overview of the BATA toll bridge program, including traffic and revenue  
trends, tolls, expenditures and toll bridge capital program funding needs as  
discussed at the April 25, 2024, Commission Workshop. Staff seeks  
direction in light of pressures on the program and importance of the  
revenue stream in order to fund the maintenance of the bridges in a state of  
good repair.  
Lisa Klein  
7. Public Comment / Other Business  
Commissioners and members of the public participating by Zoom wishing to speak  
should use the “raise hand” feature or dial *9. When called upon, unmute yourself or dial  
8. Adjournment / Next Meeting  
The next meeting of the BATA Oversight Committee will be held on September 11,  
2024 at 9:35 a.m. at the Bay Area Metro Center, 375 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA.